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About Us

Corporate Profile

Om Mouldings is the distribution wing of the Oxford Mouldings Group of companies. It is the group’s endeavor to promote various framing products in India sourced from the world over. Products promoted by Om Mouldings are thoroughly researched, evaluated, studied and handpicked and targeted to different segments of the market in India. 

By setting up and establishing the first ever state of the art factory producing quality PS (polystyrene) Mouldings / profiles for picture frames in 1997, the Oxford Mouldings group kick started and pioneered a major revolution and transformation within the picture framing industry in India. The underlying notion was the passion of the group to bring about reforms and innovation in the world of framing which had remained dormant and primitive for several years in spite of India’s economic boom and hence the robust demand. Om Mouldings (previously known as Pacific Exim) was initiated by the group in 2003 with the same passion and desire to be India’s window to fine quality products manufactured in other parts of the world and thereby to facilitate systematic, inclusive and all around growth within the Indian framing industry. Today, OM Mouldings is India’s largest professionally managed distribution company and a one stop shop for all framing needs. It has offices, showrooms and warehouses in Mumbai and New Delhi and a countrywide reach and distribution network. 

Mission Statement
The mission of OM Mouldings is to achieve sustainable growth by introducing, marketing and distributing highest quality framing products in India from the world over, at a cost that represents the best possible value, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. By creating exceptional value in design, quality, cost, delivery and service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, employees and our suppliers, we seek their long term commitment and association. We will conduct our business with passion, integrity, honesty and eagerness to accelerate the success of our customers.

Vision Statement
OM Mouldings shall be the premier professionally managed distribution company committed to raising and redefining the standards and quality of picture framing in India. We shall be an innovative and path breaking company, constantly creating value and accelerating success of our customers and suppliers empowered by our people and our values.