OM Mouldings

Wood Mouldings

Our Wood Mouldings Collection includes a selection sourced from 2 World-Class European Pine Wood Mouldings Manufacturers, which are as follows:-

CCC De Concilio (Naples Italy) - ( has been a pioneer, known for the most artistic and high quality mouldings produced in the world since 1886.

  • The mouldings are all finished by hand
  • Made using highest quality finger jointed pine wood which leaves absolutely no chance of any termite lifelong-even in the hot moist Indian weather
  • Mouldings come in fixed lengths of 3 meters
  • The collection includes original and authentic Veneer mouldings which can be polished and finished to match the furniture.
  • Timeless and priceless, each Moulding is a masterpiece in its own right!!

Intermol (Valencia Spain) -

A very successful line of pine wood mouldings - top seller in over 53 countries worldwide

  • Elegant mouldings focusing on the more contemporary designs
  • Mouldings come in fixed lengths of 3 meters
  • Ideal choice for volume framing