OM Mouldings

Why OM Mouldings? - The OM Mouldings advantage!

Wide Range: Focused Products for every Segment of the market

Om Mouldings recognizes and appreciates that there are various segments and categories of framing outlets in India - ranging from the passionate home hobby framer to the small basic framing shop to a high end art gallery to a photo studio to a workshop which caters to hotels and corporate gifting etc. Each of these segments cater to very different set of customer profiles and hence each segment requires different inputs and products in terms of design range, quality standards and price range, etc. Acknowledging this very important fact, Om Mouldings focuses on promoting different lines (ranges) of each product and each of these varied lines are targeted towards a specific segment of the market. The only similarity in the different lines is the emphasis on quality vis a vis the price.

Quality Standards:

As a principle, Om Mouldings levies much importance on quality of the products promoted by it, as compared to the price. Infact, we are indeed obsessed with quality and each of the products promoted by us undergoes a thorough and stringent quality check.

Our sourcing is based on the principle to obtain the highest-quality products and services at a cost that represents the best possible value, while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality and take full responsibility of every product promoted by us.

One Stop Shop:

Om Mouldings strives to be a one stop shop for all framing needs and we focus on every each input which goes into a frame from Mouldings of different kinds to mount boards, to hardware and accessories, to paintings and original art prints, to machines required to make a frame. We believe that India deserves the best. To this end, we are constantly looking at different products from all over the world with the desire to keep India up to date with the latest trends in the framing industry worldwide.

Customer Guidance & Service:

We take our responsibility towards our customers very seriously. The underlying notion and philosophy is that the purpose of our existence is to help our customers grow. This is the role we wish to play. We truly believe that as a vendor we must support our customers with reliable and efficient customer service and instant effective solutions to problems.

In addition - we strive to update our customers about the new systems and trends in the Framing Industry worldwide to accelerate growth. Constant information sharing and feedback is vital for improvements and to this end we wholeheartedly welcome suggestions and feedback on ways we can improve our products and services.

We believe that the framing industry in India has very bright prospects and robust growth opportunities in years to come. To this end - our team of consultants are always looking forward to assist and guide new prospective entrants to our industry in setting up a framing outlet / workshop from scratch.