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The World’s best Mountboards now at your doorstep

Introducing Scappi Cartoni (Italy): Widest range of “Acid Free”, “Lignin Free”, “White Core” and “Conservation Quality” Mountboards

On popular demand and for the benefit of quality conscious customers, we recently launched the total and complete collection of highest quality Mountboards (or passé partout as called in France or Mat boards as called in America). These genuine acid-free quality boards manufactured by Scappi Cartoni – Italy ( are the best – the world has to offer – made from virgin fibers sourced specifically to be made into mount boards and reflects OM Mouldings commitment to quality and raising the standards of framing in India.

Some Outstanding features of the Collection:

  • In excess of 110 different varieties and colours including the very popular and in demand collections of: Roma white, Percorsi, Poligoni, Saette, Surf, Double Sided, Conservation Quality, Colored Cores, Suede and Linen
  • Launched in two most popular sizes of 32” X 48” and 40” X 60” (Jumbo)
  • Not only a rich collection of colours, but also precious handmade papers, velvety, linen, suede, colored bevels and many different thicknesses (to 4mm)
  • Every each mount board is white core and genuinely lignin free (Acid Free)
  • Natural, eco-friendly and guaranteed for a lifetime