OM Mouldings

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Price v/s Competition?

We really like your products but why are some of them more expensive as compared to products promoted by other companies, competing in the market place?

Answer -

This is a common notion within customers who have not used our products. The facts that more than make up for the marginal difference in price if any, in our products are as follows:-

  • (a) OM Mouldings levies much more importance on quality of the products as compared to the price. We strive to promote the highest quality products at a cost that represents the best possible value.
  • (b) Every each product promoted by OM Mouldings is researched, evaluated, studied, handpicked and undergoes a thorough and stringent quality check. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality and take full responsibility for it.
  • (c) We promote different lines (ranges) within each product group. So for example, for the product group of Synthetic (PS) Mouldings - we have promoted certain lines targeted towards small frame shops and certain lines targeted towards high end art galleries. The line for art galleries is exclusive and produced using the finest of raw materials. The emphasis while procuring this line is only on quality, consistency and ecstatic and not compromising due to price. However, for lines which we promote for the volume lower end market is sourced keeping the best possible value price in mind but again not by compromising on basic quality parameters which are essential for reliable framing.

The above facts are demonstrated distinctly and become very obvious when you use our products and to this end, we invite you to try for yourselves and feel the difference.

Q. Distribution Reach?

I am a small dealer in India, where can I buy your products from?

Answer -

OM Mouldings has its offices, showrooms and warehouses in Mumbai and New Delhi and a country wide reach and distribution network. So in effect we have a distributor in every part of India and we would be more than happy to suggest one closest to you. Infact, we would ensure that a distributor gets in touch with you very soon. All you have to do is send us an email with your selection of products and your details.

Q. Outlets at which products are available?

I am a housewife and really like your products. I would like to get a frame made using your products. Who can I contact?

Answer -

Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Our products are sold at more than 10,000 retail outlets in every nook and corner of India. Please write into us your selection of products and your details and we will ensure that a dealer very close to you gets in touch with you.

Q. Procedure to avail distributorship?

I would like to become a distributor for your products. What is the procedure?

Answer -

In our endeavour to penetrate our products in every nook and corner of India, we are constantly in need for like minded business partners who share the same values of customer service and passion for quality products. Please write into us with your background and infrastructure available and we will get in touch with you.

Q. Stock availability?

How often do your products go out of stock?

Answer -

In our quest to introduce market and distribute the finest products for the India market, we do not limit ourselves from sourcing from countries which are geographically in the other corner of the world. We do carry an exhaustive inventory in our warehouses and also follow a systematic ordering system which ensures that we are almost never out of stock. However, considering the wide range of our products and the inability to accurately forecast the sale patterns of every product, occasionally we do find ourselves out of stock but our strong partnerships with our suppliers and our logistics companies ensure that our stocks are replenished, maximum within a period of 45 days unless of course if the product has been discontinued by our supplier.

Q. Specific customer requirements?

I have a requirement of a specific design; can you develop it for us?

Answer -

OM Mouldings surely enjoys a lot of fringe benefits of being a part of the Oxford Mouldings group. One such benefit is the excellent and strong relationships with suppliers all over the world. This gives us the flexibility to get any product developed in the shortest period of time and to this end, we would be more than happy to attend to your specific requirements. We could also work out an exclusive arrangement for products developed for you. However, depending on the product, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) would be applicable.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

Answer -

At OM Mouldings, we follow a very transparent and straight forward distribution policy. To service requirements of quantities less than our basic MOQ, we have an extensive network of dealers and distributors country wide. As a dealer and distributor and hence to avail of dealer and distributor discounts, there are MOQ's. In principle, the more the quantity, the bigger the discount.

Q. New framing set-up?

I am a new entrant to the picture framing industry. Can you help us and guide us on setting up a business/workshop/gallery?

Answer -

OM Mouldings is a premier professionally managed distribution company committed to raising and redefining the standard and quality of picture framing in India. We are a one-stop shop for all framing needs and promote every each product which goes into a frame from Mouldings of different kinds to mount boards, to hardware & accessories, to paintings and original cut prints, to machines required to make a frame. We believe that the framing industry in India has very bright prospects and robust growth opportunities in the coming years. To this end, our teams of consultants are always looking forward to assist and guide new prospective entrants to our industry in setting up a framing outlet/workshop from scratch.

We whole heartedly welcome you to our industry and would be very happy to assist you.

Q. Machine Demo?

I am fascinated by one of the machines promoted by you, where can I see a demo?

Answer -

Our machines are installed at numerous workshops all over India. We have a full fledged showroom in Mumbai and Delhi, wherein, we provide live demonstrations and complete training under the guidance of trained professionals. We whole heartedly welcome you for a demo at our showrooms. In addition, we do participate in about 6 exhibitions every year which take place in different parts of India. All our machines are in live demonstration at these exhibitions. Please feel free to write into us and we will ensure that you get a demo and full information.

Q. After Sales Service?

What is your policy on after sales service?

Answer -

We take our responsibility towards our customers very seriously. The underlined notion and philosophy is that the purpose of our existence is to help our customer grow. We truly believe that as a vendor, we must support our customers with reliable and efficient customer service and instant effective solutions to problems. To facilitate this, we have a qualified and trained technical team always willing to help. Also our sales team strives to visit every customer in India once every 30 days. We strive to attend to every concern of our customer within 48 hrs.