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OM Mouldings set a new milestone this year, in the framing industry, by adding Automated Machines, State-of-the-Art products to its existing range. OM Moulding’s enthusiasm & passion helped in getting ‘The world Leaders in the Framing Industry’ under one roof, at the PAMA Frame & Art show which was held in Mumbai from Feb 27 to March 01, 2015. This year once again, OM Mouldings made a remarkable presentation, which was well-though, beautifully executed & highly appreciated by all our Customers & Suppliers as well.


Highlights of the show –

1. Launch of Revolutionary Companies like ALFA Automation & Biedermann.

2. Two Adjacent booths, encompassing a total of 1250 sq ft, which was packed all the time with visitors.

3. The principles & Owners from various international companies represented by OM Mouldings in India were personally present to exchange ideas & interact with visitors. This included Mr. Giuseppe Raffoni & Mr. Stefano of Alfa Automation (ITALY) , Mr. Drew Van Pelt of Larson & Juhl (NEW ZEALAND),  Mr & Mrs Marioni of Scappi Cartoni (ITALY) & Mr. Hans of Newly (HOLLAND).

4. Our customers had a wonderful experience in sharing ideas & thoughts, with the pioneers themselves.

Gallery pics :